ITA we are connected

On the 8th was one of the most important days for the organization. Together we celebrated the change of our brand, we understand the need to adapt to the new market environment and learned that only by changing behaviors and working as a team with a sense of responsibility, we will prosper – because we are Connected to the company, our customers, colleagues and Angola.

By the hand of the monitor João Prata, we experienced examples of teamwork with strategy, attitude and gratitude. These are the behaviors that the organization hopes to see adopted by all.

With an attitude of gratitude for the given loyalty and contribution within 5 years of work in the ITA, 12 employees received their certificate of recognition and its prize, which will be paid after tax during the month of July. It was also communicated the salary increase to all employees, already check from the current month. With feeling of joy and celebration, ended the day with a BRAAI where we benefited from the performance of Cabexipa, celebrated the birthdays of June and we had a lot of dancing.