ITA presents social responsibility projects

On the 7th of June – ITA – Internet Technologies Angola, presented its next Social responsibility projects – V Golf Solidarity Tournament and Stay Connected to the Future. These actions have a direct impact on improving school conditions, the info-inclusion of students to the 3rd cycle and inclusion of people with disabilities. They are the result of a joint effort of ITA, employees, partners and institutions, to introduce and expand social responsibility programs and ensure cross-company cooperation in the development of communities. The presentation of these projects included the presence of institutions, partners and press, where they join wills and causes in order to enhance the visibility of social needs and appeal to the greater involvement of all the support and socio-educational intervention.

The V Golf Solidarity Tournament takes place on 24 September, in the field of Golf Mangais and the funds raised are directly invested in schools or social projects. This year, raised values will revert to the Primary School 3077 in Cazenga, rehabilitation and upgrading of the same, increasing the study conditions of over a thousand students and the Resource Manual for Disability resulting from a partnership with the National Council Person with Disabilities (CNAPED) within the Ministry of assistance and Social Reinsertion, which will allow the identification of Associations of People with Disabilities, formally constituted, operating throughout the country, and the services they provide, as well as sharing legislation existing on disability. “The Golf Solidarity Tournament attracts each year a greater number of companies and entrepreneurs, who identify with the importance of their role in society as development actors and as growth engines.” Said Rolf Mendelsohn, CEO of ITA, “These actions reinforce and facilitate the support of the institutions benefited, while we build a partnership and cooperation model. We hope that the result is a reflection of our effort, the result of collaboration between companies with strong solidarity values and effective investment in the development of the communities, “he concludes. Organizations can join this action by registration in Turner, in the ITA Web page: http: // where they can meet the institutions to support and their social causes and needs as well as access the tournament program and get the registration form.

The new project Stay Connected to the Future, the great social flag in 2016, acts on the pillar of technological education and knowledge to the new generation of young people and will ensure the Internet connection of a school of the first cycle of secondary education no. 2095, in the home Patriot for one year, with monthly classes on the subject of Internet and technology, provided by ITA employees. The Action relies almost exclusively on dedicated volunteers of the ITA, the organization’s culture reflects and embodies the spirit of sharing and solidarity – a strong ethical value that supports the Social Responsibility of ITA programs, highly necessary for their success. “Given the scope of our business, we donated one year of internet to a school this year in Lar do Patriota and provide a qualified employee volunteer to give lessons on the Internet and networks in the coming months to students. topics will be addressed: Create an email account? How to secure online research? What are the search engines? What internet connection types are there? Dictionaries, educational portals, etc. Thus approach the organization of the school and the students and open horizons of knowledge, linking them to the future and new technologies. ” Said the CEO.

ITA believes in the value of the development of these initiatives and encourages frequently internal actions with workers to identify institutions to support, as these play an active role as facilitators and knowledgeable of the needs of the communities where they operate. Constantly are thoughtful and considered ways to leverage social responsibility and ensure that the supports are used to solve the problems faced by communities struggling with difficulties in development, growth and deepen the knowledge of young students, who are clearly the future of this Country.