Accompanying global communications market trends, the anticipation of exponential growth of data as well as the increasing business needs at this level, ITA directed its focus to investing in a construction of a new Datacenter. The investment of the Datacenter has positioned ITA as a very important player within its Market.

Closely located to big organizations and Banks, this datacenter guarantees a quick accessibility to customers to their servers whenever necessary, as well as the reliable storage of all the information at their disposal, which supports their operations.

This infrastructure has a capacity to install more than 36 APC racks connected to a network with an exceptional velocity, great conditions of safety and reliability. The APC racks are from the latest generation, already prepared with two redundant power inputs, ready to receive the clients’ servers.

“Focusing our energy on our clients and the in the continuous improvement of the provision of services, placing our skills at the service of Angolan companies is the main objective of ITA. In 2016, despite the economic situation, we grew 5% in billing, we kept the investment planned and the expansion to the provinces, always using the latest technologies. We also created new circuits in the whole country, we increased the capacity of network traffic and the capacity of fiber optic, we also guarantee the operation of a new voice service with the prefix 225, “says Rui Jordão, General Director of ITA.

What is a Datacenter?

A Datacenter which is also known as a data processing center (DPC), is the focal point of computer systems of a company or organization, like for example the telecommunication systems or storage systems besides a guarantee of redundant energy independence, thus avoiding loss of information. Designed to be extremely secure, harbours thousands of servers and data storage banks, processing large amounts of information. Installed in protected places against fire extinguishing systems, intelligent smoke detection systems and fire extinguishing with inert gas, so as not to affect the equipment. The access is controlled by electronic cards and/or biometry, permanent monitoring, access through a sluice gate, precision air conditioning with constant monitoring to keep the temperature constant. The operational environment is monitored permanently in all aspects- physical and logical. All this guarantees the reliability, consistency and security that organizations require for the storage of their data.