ITA closes the year 2017 with the expansion of its physical infrastructure and network capacity

Luanda, 28 November – ITA-Internet Technologies Angola, one of the most relevant agents to the national ecosystem of telecommunications, closes the year 2017 with growth in its infrastructure, Datacenter services, voice, connectivity and billing in the order of 5%, despite the challenging economic environment. In a meeting with the press, ITA presented its 2017 balance, that showed important developments with respect to the growth and development of the organization.

ITA bet on the expansion of its connectivity network: created a ring of fiber around the city of Luanda, that ensures delivery of complete circuits to the client, guaranteeing connectivity with reliability and velocity of unmatched speed. The ring of fiber comes directly from the submarine cable of SAT-3 in Cacuaco and it is about 200km. As well as an expansion of our backbone to Soyo and Cabinda, adding to the North physical infrastructure, was a vital step. At the same time the connectivity in the Lubango and Huambo route, has been optimised, ensuring major stability to our services.

Optimising the Datacenter services was another big bet in 2017, with cloud services implementation and innovative solutions. International partnerships with reference organizations were developed to ensure that newly created products, that will go according to the necessities of the market and that function as a competitive advantage to organizations.

The traffic capacity of ITA in international circuits of fiber optic, saw an increase of more than 50% in relation to last year, which shows a great capacity in terms of services.

According to the CEO of ITA, Rolf Mendelsohn, the company continues to work on expanding and optimising its network, especially to the provinces of Malanje, Kuito and Nambibe, these are objectives to be achieved next year. He also mentioned that there was a big investment in infrastructure, be it in services and expects the organization’s billing to reach 5%. “In terms of biling, we grew 5% in relation to last year, this increment as a result of more services rendered to our clients, which also led us to increase our data transmission capacity in the SAT-3, thus enabling optimization of the services provided and the entry of new customers.“, he concluded.

Rui Jordao, Managing Director of ITA, is optimistic about 2018 and refers to the continues expansion of its infrastructure, client care, customised services and social responsibility, with new projects more focused on education and the youth. “Constantly betting on growth and development, be it on infrastructure, services, or mechanisms that guarantee the best service delivery with the best quality and reliability.“He concluded.