ITA Bets on Tertiary Education

Luanda, 13 of September 2017 – ITA- Internet Technologies Angola will be hosting its annual social responsibility event the Golf solidarity tournament and we will help University students that have potential but face financial difficulties.

“There are students with great potential but due to financial difficulties they are not able to finish their studies and that is why we saw the need to help them says Rui Jordão, Managing Director of ITA, “we are going to support these students as well as those pursuing technical courses related to the focus of ITA, betting on academic growth of technical courses”.

In this year’s tournament that will take place at the Mangais golf resort, we hope to see a massive participation from both partners and companies with the same solidarity vision and attitude, for together the impact on students will be much stronger and thus we will be able to guarantee a successful project.

ITA has developed relationships with local Universities. The supports will entail payment of tuition and registration, in the academic year of 2018. Periodically, meetings with a ITA representative, the students and the university representative to evaluate the results and compliance with the criteria.

It is foreseen that a minimum of six supported students, because it is our 6th edition but the intention is to have more then six, seeing that this is an initiative with workers, partners and institutions to ensure inter-company cooperation and the development of the community in which we operate.

The Golf Solidarity tournament each year gathers a large number of companies and businessmen that are in alignment with the importance of change in society, as actors of development and as engines of growth ” says Rolf Mendelsohn, CEO of ITA, “these actions add to the capacity of helping the next person in need, simultaneously consolidating the model of partnership and co-operation. We hope for a more positive outcome compared to the previous years”.

Companies can join us in this good-cause on our website ITA: or email us at; or call us at 225 286 000.