It was completed the first phase of the Microwave project In Luanda–Benguela

The territorial extension of our services is one of the strategic objectives of ITA. The materialization of this goal is unified in installing PoP (points of presence) in the provinces. So far, the links of these PoP to Luanda were made through fiber optic backbone and / or Microwave other operators, VSAT, as a backup. This affected the quality of services offered by ITA in the provinces, because it was dependent on the quality of the backbone of other operators. Installing its own backbone allows ITA their absolute control and ensures a better quality of its services in the provinces.

For that connection, equipment are being installed in the band of 7GHz that will provide 400Mbps of bandwidth between the two locations, through Kwanza Sul province, covering an area of approximately 500km, and with an availability of 99 96%

To achieve this availability, most sites have antennas of 2.4 and 3 meters, powered with solar panels. This project is divided into two phases:

Phase 1 – Sumbe (Monte Chingo) – Benguela (Ben1)

Phase 2 – Luanda (EEZ) – Sumbe (Monte Chingo)