ITA guarantees fiber connectivity, wireless and satellite redundant national and International.

ITA operates 2 state-of-the-art Data Centers in its Campus, built to the latest international standards of security, energy, cooling, fire detection, and suppression systems. Data Center 1, with more than 1,500 servers capacity, was launched in 2017 and today has a 100% occupancy. Data Center 2, launched in October 2019, is considered the largest and most modern and secure Data Center in Angola and has a capacity for more than 7,000 servers. With the inauguration of the second Data Center, public and private institutions in Angola are allowed to use high-level services, keeping the data stored in structures created or in the cloud in the national territory, thus leaving the sovereignty of critical information.

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  • Carrier Neutral facility: all national operators
  • Redundant connectivity: Fiber, Wireless, and VSAT
  • International connectivity: SAT-3, WACS, SACS, and VSAT
  • Connected to Angola IXP
  • 200 Gbits DWDM inter-connection to other DC’s in Luanda (fully redundant)


2 Megawatt power capacity.


  • 1 Transformer Stations (ENDE) with 3 separate transformers (2+1)
  • 2 UPSs in separate rooms (output 220 V AC @ 50Hz)
  • 3 diesel backup generators (700 kVA each)
  • 2 weeks of fuel autonomy (combined)
  • Lightning protection system


ITA has secure facilities with strict entry control. Permanent monitoring of servers through CCTV.


  • 24x7x365 manned security at gated entry, data center entrances, and loading docks
  • Dual-factor authentication access control: RFID and biometric
  • Cabinet and cage security options include individual locks and RFID access cards
  • CCTV
  • Dedicated ITA NOC: 24x7x365 monitoring


If you have a static HTML website, Dedicated web server hosting services from ITA provide the speed, performance, and stability your sites require.

The services allow you the security and control you need: hardware and software configuration, technical support, patching management, system maintenance, monitoring, and updating.


We have the ability to provide for large enterprises to configured virtual servers according to specific needs. It allows you to have a fixed public IP, “full root ssh” access to your server, and install your own solutions. Please contact us to check the availability of this product.


To protect your IT environment, we provide a virtual firewall that allows you to filter and monitor the packages you run on your network.


Online backup designed for making copies of your files and ensures continuous backup and offers an easy way to restore your files.

We are serious about keeping your data secure and accessible wherever you need.